I'll be holding a special introductory overview class for ALL members of the New Wave Direct Mail Success System.

The OVERVIEW call starts at 9:00 AM, CST on Tuesday May 25th.

This is in addition to the regular 6 week course and is open to all new members of the class but it's not required that you attend this call.

Kick Back, Relax, And Listen As I Pour Out Secret After Secret During These Intensive Six-Week Direct Mail Success System Sessions!

You'll attend my private seminar from the comfort of your home.  Just call in on the phone, kick back, relax and listen in as the ideas flow.  The sessions WILL BE RECORDED AND SENT TO YOU just in case you don't make all the sessions.

Your mind will spin when you see all the new ways you can make profits.  It's much more than just breaking through the email clutter.  You add whole entire new ways to potentially make profits in your business.  These are secrets I have never revealed anywhere else before at any time.

Week One: The Four Highly Targeted Databases That Will Forever Change The Way You Sell Your Products And Services

* What these four databases are

* Examples of how to uses them in different databases

* The one database of 200 names you MUST assemble, how, why and what it will do for you that will get you so excited you won't be able to sleep

* The second database that will put a giant grin on your face when you hear about it

Week Two: Where To Go To Quickly And Easily Grab The Names And Addresses For Your Four Databases Using My Point-And-Click System

* The one web site to go to that will instantly give you highly targeted names and addresses -- for FREE!

* The amazing software program I discovered that will suck up the names and addresses, and stick them in Act, Goldmine, Outlook or Excel for you -- in one or two clicks, easy as pie.  (The cost of this software is not included in your program and works on PC's, not Macs unless you have a Mac that will run PC software.)

* How to suck the names and addresses out of your order confirmations in your email box and instantly suck them into Act, Goldmine, Outlook or Excel

* How to build your database automatically off your inbound phone calls AND by adding a "hotline" number to all your advertising online and offline.  This is pure gold to you -- and hardly anyone even the insiders

* The phenomenal program that will GET YOU names and addresses for many of the people on your email list on an automated basis. This is a real shocker when you see it.  And it's ever so simple to use.  In fact, it's fun to watch it happen!

Week Three:  Plug N Go Templates You Can Steal And Send To Your Four Databases To Make You Maximum Money In Minimum Time

* Actual postcard templates you can steal and use. These are in Microsoft Word format.

* The absolute best things to write on postcards to get referrals, orders, and leads

* How to avoid common mistakes

* Templates for the 8-week super blitz, what it is and how it will "lock on" your customers to you

Week Four: How To Get Your Postcards, Letters, Newsletters And Catalogs Printed, Addressed And Mailed Cheaply And On Auto Pilot.  You'll Save A Veritable Fortune On Printing And Mailing And Take All The Pain Out Of Doing Direct Mail

* Why you should NOT use a printer at home to print and mail your postcards except for ONE scenario.

* The one web site you should use to get your stuff printed, addressed and mailed at rock bottom prices with great consistency, ease and reliability.  This takes the pain out of doing direct mail and makes it fast, simple, easy and fun.

* Secrets of using the auto pilot feature to load up sequences of direct mail sort like you do emails in an auto responder.

Week Five: Review of All The Bullets Mentioned In This Sales Letter

* I will walk through and discuss every bullet point in this sales letter so you know you get exactly what I promised.

* There will also be time for your questions.  You got a question?  You'll have the chance to ask me here.

Week Six:  Critiques of Your Postcards

* Create your postcards, submit them to me and I'll do critiques on week six.

* Get feedback on what you did right or wrong.

* Receive my ideas on how to pack even more selling power in your postcards.

* Your Quick Start Action Plan to make sure you get up and running with your four databases as quickly and easily as humanly possible.

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