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Discover My Amazing New 3-Step System For Getting Customers,
Building Mailing Lists
, And Making Follow Up Sales To Your Customers
-- On Virtual Auto-Pilot!

Dear Customer,

First of all, let's get something straight right off the bat.

What I've got to say in this letter is revolutionary.  It is not something you have read, heard or seen before.  It ain't the same old, same old rehashed, regurgitated mumbo jumbo that spreads like a forest fire in July. 

Now, what is it that I have to say that's so revolutionary? 

Let me start by asking you some questions:

Are your sales down?

Do you dread slow sales in the upcoming months?

Do you sometimes send out emails and wonder if the spam filters are eating them up?

Do you worry about the skyrocketing increases in pay-per-click bids and the increased competition?

Do you wonder what you'll do NEXT to find new customers?

Are you concerned about what effects existing and new anti-spam legislation will have on your ability to sell additional products to your existing customers?

If so, then listen up.

These are uncertain times for marketers.  Everyone is using the pay-per-click engines now and thats driving up the bids.  Sometimes to ridiculous prices.  And it's only going to get worse as everyone jumps on the bandwagon.

What's more, email just doesn't get the response that it used to.  I love it. It's free. But if Bill Gates has his way, we'll be paying a toll of one kind or the other to send email to our own customers.  What will you do if that happens?

Do you ever send out an email and then wonder if the spam filters sucked half of them up? I know I do.  Especially when I go to a seminar and talk to customers who say they haven't gotten emails from me in 3 or 4 months.  And it ain't because I stopped sending emails. Using a new service I've recently discovered, I can literally see the "delivery rate" on my email and even if it's got a "0" spam rating in the autoresponder before I broadcast it, often 50% to 80% or MORE of it ends up in the AOL bulk folder! 100% is blocked by Excite ALL the time (I have no idea why) and overall the mail delivery rate keeps going down. It just isn't what it used to be in the past.

Here's a screen capture that shows what's been happening to LEGITIMATE customer bound emails that I've been sending:

You can see in the column marked "missing" that AOL dumped 100% of the email. That means NONE of the customers on my list that use AOL (and they make up the majority of my customer base) received that email.

14% of people using for their email were dumped. 100% of Netscape customers didn't receive my email. And that's only part of the list. This goes on every time I send email, regardless of how "clever" I try to be with the spam rating and subject lines. All of it looks okay on the surface yet the email continues to get dumped. And I can guarantee, if this is happening to me, it's happening to you too!

For an in-depth look at what's happening to your email marketing results and profits, click here to read my newest special report. (PDF file)

Well.  Relax.  I've been working my brain overtime to come up with a solution that not only solves the problem of your emails not getting read and your pay-per-click words getting bid up to high heaven, but it also has the potential to find new customers for you, to find you new profits -- and best of all, due to the most recent innovations, it's fast, simple, easy and highly efficient and effective.

Three Steps to Finding New Customers and Reaping New Profits On Repeat Business!
Use my 4-part list-building methods to assemble a list.  Of course, if you have an existing customer list, you can use that.
Plug in my ready-to-go templates
Put your direct mail on auto-pilot.

The BIG difference is that you aren't going to be sending an email that gets sucked up by the spam filters like a vacuum sucks up dust. 

No my friend.

You're going to be sending postcards and letters that people will hold in their hands and actually read.  Everyone knows that the response to direct mail is multiples of what you get to email.  The word is direct mail.  Now, to us hardcore Internet marketers, in the past that was a dirty word.

But no more.

But this is not "old wave" direct mail.  It's simple, fast, easy and has a minimum quantity of one.  "My gosh Marlon.  You're telling me to send out direct mail?  Why in world would I ever want to do that?"

Here Are 4 Reasons Why
You've Got To Do Something!


Like it or not, a lot of your customers and prospects ain't getting your emails. 

I'll bet $797.00 of my time that by sending out letters and postcards you WILL get your message read and you WILL recoup sales (perhaps a lot of them) that you would have lost otherwise.

You may say, "Marlon, I don't need whatever your newest deal is.  How is IT going to make me money I ain't already making?  I'll tell you how. It's going to get your message delivered AGAIN to your prospects.  And it's going to GUARANTEE they at least see your message and probably read it.

How about them bananas?  And if THAT won't make you money, then I can't help you.  But if getting your message seen and read by prospects or customers will make you sales, then you'd be a total fool not to act on my newest system.


I don't care if you have just ONE customer or prospect. If you send them an email that gets eaten up by spam filters, you lost whatever revenue you had. 

I will guarantee you one thing:  If you send them a giant, oversized postcard, they WILL read your message.


I know this:  You are losing your prospects and customers like flies due to unsubscribe requests. 

Log into your autoresponder account and take a look.  People are getting bombarded with spam. And they're lumping YOUR emails in with all the ones they don't want. And they're unsubscribing by the droves.

You want to stop the hemorrhaging?  I can show you how. And make it so cheap and brain dead simple, you'd be an idiot NOT to do it.


Know why you need my system instead of trying to do it yourself? 

It's real simple.  There are only several options other than my system and they all suck.

Here are a couple options:

Option One:  Do it yourself

You can run down to your print shop.  Get stuff printed up.  Take it home.  Stack it up on tables and try to con your spouse or your kids to work their fingers to death addressed, licking and stamping.  Is that what your family is?  Cheap labor?

Option Two:  Online services

Yeah, I know there are those online services that will print and possibly mail postcards for you.  Almost always full color.  Almost always they charge you a dime or more for it. And almost always to get a decent price you gotta do 1,000 or 2,000. And a lot of them won't do the mailing for you.  Or if they do, they're slow or they screw it up.  And I doubt you'll find one that will do sequences.

Oh, and by the way.  They probably aren't doing direct mail letters for you either.  Just post cards.  And on top of that, for the most part, you don't need those full color postcards.  I bet you'll find they aren't nearly as effective as copy laden black and white ones with a spot color thrown in.

So there you go. High minimum quantities.  Costly.  Don't do letters.  Don't do sequences.

Marlon, Show Me The Money!
Why Should I Care If I Do This Anyway?
Will It Really Make Me Money?

That's the acid test.

Will it make you 5 or 10 times the $599 bucks I charge you to teach you my latest system?

And only you can answer that.  Will getting your message in the hands of your prospects and getting it read get you sales?  One thing I CAN guarantee you. Your emails are getting lost in spam boxes, sucked up by filters and drowned in the parade of non-stop junk.

What's more, my system has a LOT of advantages!

It's Simple, Easy and Low Cost to Build Your Lists Using my Plug-N-Go Templates!

1.  It's simple and easy:  You don't even have to pick up the phone to do your mailings.  You just punch in the web address I give you and in an instant your mailings for the entire month will be pre-programmed and ready to be printed and mailed with no additional effort on your part.  A trained monkey could practically do this.

2.  It's low cost Old-style direct mail cost you an arm and a leg.  But new style direct mail is dirt cheap with no minimum quantities to burn a hole in your wallet. 

3.  Build your lists and database by pointing and clicking:  If you can point and click, you can build a super-powered direct mail database of highly qualified names in a flash -- for free!  Got a few extra minutes?  Then point-and-click your way to a drop dead database.

4.  It's plug-n-go effective using my pre-made templates:  I give you actual plug-n-go templates that you use so you're up and running almost immediately.  I've done the hard work for you.

How Using The Direct Mail Profits System Could Potentially Plaster a Smile On Your Face And a Big Bulge In Your Wallet!

There are many great advantages to using this brand new direct mail profits system.  This is NOT the same old, same old. This is NOT your "fathers" direct mail system.  This is the new millennium. Times have changed.  And it's about high time someone brings direct mail into the Internet age.  No one else has done it. So I've decided to take the lead and bring a whole new awareness, consciousness and profit center to Internet businesses of all types.

Before I go on, let me remind you as I will multiple times that the profits are potential, and not implied as being average or typical of purchases of my brand new course.  But you knew that, right?  OK. Back on track . . .

Here Are 7 Major Advantages of The System:

Here are the MAJOR advantages of the Marlon Sanders' New Wave Direct Mail Success System:

Major Advantage One:  You don't have to worry about your email getting buried in a huge, gigantic pile of spam

I know.  I know.  Some of the old-timers will say, "See, I told you so."  Email STILL works.  It STILL makes a lot of money.  But it's true that response has declined.  And what's happening now is what I call NEW WAVE direct mail.  This is NOT the direct mail of the old-timers.  No siree Bob.  It's combined with the phenomenal power of the Internet that I think makes it ten times better.

There are amazing new web-based tools that add in super-powered response-boosters and cost-cutters that make direct mail much simpler, easier, faster and cheaper than the old-timers ever dreamed about in their wildest fantasies.  Wait until they feast their eyes on NEW WAVE direct mail.  They're going to say, "Man, if I ONLY had this 30 years ago!"

I bet when they see this they jump on it like a kid in the pool on a sizzling hot summer day.

Major Advantage Two:  Now, you can once again create top-of-mind consciousness on the part of your customers and prospects. 

Why?  Because they'll SEE your postcard in their mailbox.  You have no idea if they'll see or notice your email.  It could just get lost in the shuffle of Nigerian scams, credit card phishing schemes, porn, sweepstakes offers, Viagra and everything else.

Major Advantage Three:  You can get attention from your resellers, affiliates, referral sources and centers of influence with newsletters, contests, announcements and special promotions

Referrals, affiliates, resellers and so forth are one of the main backbones of Internet marketing.  And rightly so.  Do you still email them?  Absolutely.  Do you now mix in postcards, letters and flyers?  Absolutely.  It only makes sense, right?  Why not.  It's cheap, easy and fast.

In the old days, I could email my affiliates and resellers and KNOW they'd get the news.  Nowadays, I'm not so sure. If you track your open rates and clicks you know they are down 25% - 50% compared to the old days.  Is this the "death" of Internet marketing?  Heck no.  And I want to slap anyone in the face who says that because they are patently wrong.

But is it time to get back to basics and start pumping out some direct mail?  You bet.

Major Advantage Four:  You can send out commercial messages without having to wrap them up in time-consuming free content that only decreases the perception of value of your time.

One of my pet peeves is giving away great information for free.  Every time someone gets information for free, it decreases the perception of value of information in general. And you and I both know people don't truly value what they get for free.  If it was valuable, you'd have to pay for it, right?

A major advantage of direct mail is:  There is NO remove list!  There is a do-not-mail list.  But that isn't anything like clicking on a link and being instantly removed from your email list.  It's a real relief to just type up a good ol' rip snootin', go for the gold direct mail letter or postcard and mail it out without having to jazz it all up with some free content just so the folks won't hit the unsubscribe link and tell you to go fly a kite.

Major Advantage Five:  You can drip your messages without watching your list shrink like a popped balloon.

>>> Here's a little insider marketer's joke for you:

Do you know how you build an email list of 100,000 names?

The Answer:  Start with a 200,000 list and email it for a year!

The removes will KILL you.  They'll shrink a great list into a half the "man" it used it be.  Not so with direct mail.  If you clean the addresses every six months, that list will live on and on and be a cash cow for years to come.  That's why some would call this a veritable direct mail money machine.  Or maybe you'll call it the virtual direct mail cash cow. But as you know, I can't and make any income claims at all legally.  So what I DO call it is The Direct Mail Success System

Like I said earlier, I'm NOT bashing email.  You can still clean up with it.  I do.  My list makes me money all the time.  My point is, there ARE advantages and benefits to using direct mail and you're virtually a fool if you don't take advantage of it.

Especially when you see how quick, simple and easy it is, not to mention low cost, using my NEW WAVE system, web-based tools, response-boosters and so forth that I've discovered after hard core, intense research.

Of course, all the normal, standard disclaimers apply.  Just because others make profits, doesn't mean you will.  There's no implication or guarantee you'll make substantial profits nor that the average person on this system will.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I'm not telling you anything you don't know, right?  OK then. Let's move on.

Major Advantage Six:  No running to the print shop, stacking up mailings in your house or office, or licking stamps

The old-timers will tell you they used to lick those stamps and envelopes man!  One guy tells how he used to use his CAT to lick the stamps.  I'm not making that up!  Well, maybe in the old days.  But not in the NEW WAVE direct mail era. 

You hop to the secret web site I give to you. You click a few buttons.  And in a FLASH your mailing is done.

It is printed, addressed, stamped and mailed -- the whole shebang.  For a FRACTION of what it'd cost you to use the "old time" method where you go down to the print shop, get it printed up, then pick it up and run it down to the letter shop. 


New wave direct mail is a true thing of beauty.  It's a sleek, well-oiled machine that churns out direct mail with precision and beauty. 

Major Advantage Seven:  You can send out very small, targeted mailings, drip follow ups, reminders, testimonial requests, deadline postcards and customer service postcards -- quickly, simply, easily and cheaply

You just can't do this as often as you'd like with email.  Why?  People will either STOP reading your email because you didn't bribe them with enough "free information" or they'll hit the unsubscribe link.

Hey, your postcard doesn't have a stupid remove link on it. 

Here are 6 great ways you can use Postcards:

Send out small, targeted mailings

Do you have 25, 50, 100 or 200 centers of influence, referral sources, big hitters, heavy user customers, or potential endorsers you want to communicate with?  In "old time" direct mail, you'd have to either print up 1,000 or 2,000 or pay through the NOSE to get it printed up.  I mean, the prices some of those printers charged just made you CRINGE.

What's more, you had to HAND ADDRESS the stuff because the lettershops that do the addressing have minimums of 1,000 or 5,000.  And if they don't, they gouge you with minimum fees or through the roof prices.

Welcome to Marlon Sanders' New Wave Direct Mail Success System.  Little small, tiny mailings are low cost, easy, fast, quick and simple.

Send out drip follow ups

You just get your name in front of people.  Nothing fancy.  Just a basic postcard or two-page letter with one to three benefits on it.  You can write it up in 5 minutes.  Then you send it out.  You can "pre-program" sequences of your drip cards four weeks at a time.  Drip. Drip. Drip. The cumulative effect creates top-of-mind consciousness.  When people think of your product category, who do they think of?  YOU!

Send out reminders

Are you having tele-conference calls?  Drop a reminder in a flash to 50, 100, 500 or 1,000 people.  You just pop on the web site and blast it out.  Easy as pie.  I'm not kidding.  I think a monkey could be trained to do this.  You click one button and upload your list.  You click another to upload your postcard.  Push the submit button and it's out of here.  And you do NOT pay an arm and a leg for the mailing like you do with services that gouge you with giant 1,000 or 2,000 minimum printing and mailing fees.  There are NO minimums currently (other than the $1.00 minimum charge). And I seriously doubt there will be in the future.

Send out testimonial requests

You can drop a few postcards in your automated sequence.  And maybe one two-page letter.  Ask for a testimonial for your product. And in no time flat, you'll have a little pile you can put in your sales letters that'll add a powerful response booster to your promotions.  

Now, I also do this with email.  But it's so CHEAP to do it to your customers with direct mail, why not?  Right.  It just makes sense. 

Send deadline postcards

One of the most powerful uses of postcards is to remind your customers or prospects about a deadline. But in the past, with the "old-timer" direct mail methods, this just wasn't practical unless you had sizeable lists like the big boys.

Now, you're on a much more level playing field just like the Internet.

The big boys have lost their advantage.  And you can hop right into THEIR sand box and get the same advantages they have.  You won't be wistfully thinking of what "might have been" if you could only afford to print up 1,000 or 5,000 direct mail pieces and pay for the postage, lettershop fees and so forth.

I CAN tell you this.  One of the single most profitable mailings you will likely ever send are these deadline postcards.  And we give you PLUG 'N GO postcards you can use right away.

Send customer service postcards

Another great thing to send is customer service postcards.  Just drop a little service postcard in your automated direct mail follow up sequences. It's a classy thing to do for your customers. And it's so cheap and easy.  We give you PLUG N GO customer service postcards.  Just plug 'em in and use them.  No sweat or hard work on your part. They're already done for you.

The New Wave Direct Mail Profits System
Removes The Stop Signs That Have Been
Holding Your Foot On The Brakes!

I don't really have to tell you all the great benefits of using direct mail.  Because I know I'm preachin' to the choir.  You ALREADY know the benefits.  The problem was, you had this big old red stop sign staring you in the face and keeping your foot on the brakes.

What was that stop sign?

It was called the screwing of the average guy and gal.  And it kept the "power" in the hands of the big boys. And hamstrung all the rest of us.  What am I talking about? 

It's very simple:

1.  No more minimum print jobs that burn holes in your wallet before you know if your mailing will work.

The big boys in the biz used to have it over us. They had the deep pockets it took to test 2,000 to 5,000 pieces of direct mail at a time.  They could bank roll it without blinking an eye.  And everybody else was on the outside looking in with envy.  "If only I could afford to print and mail 5,000 pieces, THEN I could run with the big dogs."

Guess what?

The playing field has been leveled.

The stop sign has been TAKEN DOWN.  Can I hear an amen on that?  Let me ask you a question:


Because that is now the minimum.

One.  See, there's no road block there anymore holding you back.  There's none of this 2,000 or 5,000 minimum hurdle for you to jump over.  The wall has tumbled.  And now, it's a game we all can play, profit from and enjoy.

It's a NEW ERA in direct mail marketing.

The Golden Era.  The New Wave of combo direct mail/Internet marketers that is going to take the industry by storm.

2.  No more stacking up giant piles in your house. No more giant lettershop bills

There's nothing wrong with lettershops.  If you've got the deep pockets to roll out a 5,000 piece mailing, hey, they're a great, tremendous service.  Problem is, for so many businesses, it just wasn't practical.

Maybe your entire customer list is only 500 or 1,000 people. 

Or maybe you can't afford to test 5,000 pieces just to find out if a mailing will pass the break even hurdle.  It used to be so frustrating it could make a person pull their hair out.  You wanted to run with the big dogs.  And instead, you found yourself sitting on the sidelines just wishing and hoping that some day you can afford to play the game at that level.

Well, guess what buckeroo.  The wall has come down.  And it's going to be one gigantic party for those on the inside who know the New Wave Direct Mail Profits ropes.

3.  No more spending $500 just to "rent" a list

List rentals are a great service. You can get the names of cash buyers.  The problem is, at 500 bucks a pop, and test mailing 1,000 or 2,000 pieces, your nest egg can get flushed down the toilet before you have anything that makes money.

And there you stand.  Your money's down the toilet, you've got no cash to afford toilet paper and you're in a real pickle.

Well guess what?

I've solved that problem too with the New Wave Direct Mail Success System.  I'm going to show you what I call "point-and-click" list building. I've uncovered the most amazing software programs that you can get for the cost of a few good steak dinners.  And these programs will let you assemble your own highly targeted lists by pointing and clicking.

I'll show you the ONE kind of list you can build that is almost sure to put giant grin on your face when you discover it. You may even have trouble sleeping the first night or two because you'll instantly know just how powerful having this list in your possession is.

And once you own the software (fee not included in my course) you can assemble as many of these lists as you want at no extra cost.    This is where New Wave Direct Mail Success System beats the pants off the old-timers direct mail stuff.  It just can't compare.

If you can point-and-click, you can quickly and easily build a 100, 200 or 300 name highly targeted list that'll make your mouth water just to think about it.  And I have other list-building tools I've found.  That's just one of the exciting things I've uncovered.

"I Pasted  Myself To My Computer Screen And Forced Myself To Perform Hard Core Research No Human Being Should Have To Endure..."

You're probably wondering just how I discovered the secrets, tools, systems and resources behind the New Wave Direct Mail Success System.  Well, that's a good question.  And the answer is simple:

I knew there had to be an answer.  A solution to all the email noise, the spam the email glut and information overload.

But I also knew there had to be a MAJOR breakthrough in how we went about doing this.  The old methods, ways and tools just wouldn't hack it anymore.

I pasted myself to my computer screen and literally forced myself to research until I was bleary eyed and my wrist had pains shooting through it from pointing and clicking. 

This was hard core, intense, pedal-to-the-metal research to dig out, hunt down, and relentlessly follow every lead until I uncovered every single direct mail tool and secret that makes up the amazing New Wave Direct Mail Success System.

It was time consuming.

It was painful.

It was practically brutal.

But I've done the hard work. So you can just point and click. And enjoy the fruits of my hard core research and labor.

AFTER I found them, several of the web sites and tools seemed OBVIOUS.  And yet, as amazing as that sounds, I discovered not even my closest, sharpest guru friends knew about them.  They had not heard.  It's amazing to me what I've found.  One giant conglomerate you would instantly recognize if I said their name.  Yet, it seems like no one knows what they actually offer and make available.

So people are paying THROUGH THE NOSE to get full color postcards done online in minimum quantities like 1,000.

And guess what?

---> You don't have to pay that money.

---> You can get drop dead, gorgeous, full color postcards done online -- printed, addressed, stamped and mailed -- in quantities of one.  At very fair prices.  And you should know about this service. But I found out that hardly anyone does. 

It's just incredible.  And that's just one of the secrets I've discovered in my research.  I uncovered all kinds of software programs and tools. I downloaded shareware.  I visited web site after web site.  Till my wrist hurt and pain shot through it. 

And then I tested, tried out and researched every resource until I found the THREE web sites, FOUR software programs and FOUR types of databases that make up my New Wave Direct Mail Success System. I worked at it. Simplified it.  Did all the hard work for you.

And now, it's a veritable lean, mean money machine ready to go to work churning out direct mail on your behalf.  Of course, as you know, I can't promise or guarantee money, average response, substantial profits, average profits or anything else. Let me be extremely clear about that.  It's all potential.

But disclaimers aside, you are going to get so excited when you find out about what I've discovered that I bet you can't stand it.  I bet you won't be able to sleep at night when you see just how fast, simple, quick, easy and low cost it is to add an entire new direct mail profit center to your existing Internet marketing efforts.

Why wouldn't you?

It'd be dumb not to.  Right?

5 Ways You Will Use This New System To Find New Sources Of Profits, Follow Up, Upsell, Cross-Sell, Down-sell And Promote Like A Veritable Machine!

With my New Wave Direct Mail Profits System, there's no need to hold back.  Now, you can use every single trick in the book to bring in the maximum profits in the minimum time.

There are so many ways to use direct mail that it makes your mind spin just to think about or imagine using them all.  I mean, think about it:

Application One:  Find new sources of profits

I'm going to show you where to go to grab the names and addresses of highly targeted people who could be a source of brand, new profits for you. This list is so easy to find and get.  And you can do it in the morning while you're having a cup of coffee or tea.  It's easy to do.  And could potentially be ever so profitable for you.

You have the potential to add terrific new painless profit centers like a paid newsletter that goes out without you having to fight traffic to get to the printer, print labels on your computer, stick them on envelopes, fold, stuff, seal.


It's all automated now.  Why not have your own paid newsletter if you want?  It's ten times easier than it was for the old timers.

Application Two:  Follow up and haul in those orders, leads or responses

We all know the profit is in the follow up. I'm not telling you anything you don't know.  But now, you can automate that follow up.  And you can do it with postcards, flyers, self mailers, newsletters and catalogs.

Got a lead?  Follow up with that postcard or letter.  Follow up with a six page personalized letter if you want, with the name sprinkled throughout the letter. It's a piece of cake.

You can literally take your existing sales letters you've been using on the web, add a few tweaks and have them going out as super-powerful direct mail follow ups to your customers.

Why might you want to do that?

Because anyone in the direct response business will tell you the response to direct mail is higher than the response to email by a factor of several times.  Some claim many times.  I don't know about that.  But I do know that your letter will be in the hands of your customer and not buried by some ISP on a spam deleting mission or sent to the junk box black hole by some out of control spam filter that ruthlessly steals your emails out of the in box of your customers and buries it as though it were cheap spam in a junk box where it'll mixed in with an unseemly mix of porn, Viagra, sweepstakes, Nigerian scams and so forth.

Again, I'm NOT bashing email.  It's great.  And it's free. God bless email. I love it.  But come on folks.  You and I both know what the current state of the in box is.  It's crazy and out of control.  Let's take back the power to communicate with our own customers and highly targeted prospects.

Application Three:  Upsell your customers

If you aren't doing upsells, you're committing a marketing CRIME.  You're leaving big old wads of cash on your table for others to scoop up because you didn't bother to pick it up.  The money is laying there.  All you have to do is offer it and pick it up.

Who is the one person most likely to buy from you?

Answer:  Someone who JUST bought from you! 

(That's a point my good friend Jonathan Mizel has made many times over in his brilliant newsletter and marketing courses.)  And it's so true.  How can you capitalize on this fact? By immediately sending an upsell offer for an add-on, additional item, add-on service and so forth.  What we in the marketing trade call an "upsell."  But I'm preaching to the choir again. Forgive me.

In my course, I'll show you how to upsell quickly and easily with postcards.

Application Four:  Cross sell

Have you ever had a customer tell you -- "I didn't know you had THAT?"  or "I didn't know you DID that?"

It's true. Our own customers are blind to many of the products and services we offer. And it's our job to make them AWARE of all we have to offer them.  This process is called "cross selling."  Your customers are already sold on you. All you have to do is make them aware of all the other things you offer.

And it's oh so easy to do with a simple postcard or letter. In my course, I'll show you how to do it.

Application Five:  Promote like a machine

I love auto-pilot marketing. You set it and forget it.  I'll show you how to do just that and much more.  Once a month is all it takes.  Then, I have other systems I will show you that can be ran by virtual assistants and put on auto pilot that way.

I have multiple systems I will give you. Different systems for different objectives and purposes. 

Now, before I tell you about the brand new exciting course I've come up with, let me cover the main benefits of the New Wave Direct Mail Profits System.

How You Will Benefit From The
New Wave Direct Mail Profits System

There are a number of benefits you will experience as a result of owning and using the New Wave Direct Mail Profits System.  Let's go through them one by one so you're completely clear on how you will be helped:

Benefit One:

Low cost to operate -- get your postcards printed and addressed for a few cents, which means you don't need a big bankroll to roll out your direct mail systems.

The problem with using most all the online printers of postcards is that they charge too much for small quantities.  And they are simply not workable for drip and trickle follow up mailings.  They don't, for example, mail just 5 or 10 letters or postcards.

And the few I found who can and will require 200, 500 or 1,000 mailed per month and typically charge a buck each.  That just isn't cost effective unless you sell really high ticket items.  And frankly, it just isn't necessary.

I'll show you how to print quantities of 1, 5 or 10 -- up to as many as you want -- for very fair prices.  How about printing full color glossy postcards in a quantity of 10 and getting them printed, addressed, stamped and mailed for .83 each?  And like I mentioned before.  The minimum mailing is ONE POSTCARD.

Oh and did I mention that the postage is FIRST CLASS? None of these are sent by bulk mail, but you DO have that option if you want it. That saves a bit of extra cash.

What's more, you can merge the prospect or customer's name into the headline on your postcard.  This is a significant response booster.  We all love to see our own name in print!

Benefit Two:

Automated -- your booklets, letters, small and large postcards go out automatically each week, which means you will NOT be slaving over the computer stuffing envelopes, licking stamps and running down to the post office.

This is crucial.

You probably work 40, 50, 60 hours a week.  You don't have time to screw around with stuff.  The problem with using your local lettershop or mailing house is that they have a minimum of 1,000 or 2,000.  Or they charge too much for a minimum job.

My idea of a minimum quantity is a buck. And I want the thing automated so I don't have to remember every stupid day to tell whatever service to do the mailing. I want them to remember for me and just get it done without charging me an arm and a leg.  That's exactly what I've put together.  You just pop in once a month.  In a few pleasant, enjoyable minutes you upload your list and postcards or letters for the month.

And before you've finished your coke or cup of coffee, your work for the month is done!  No running back and forth to the print shop. No waiting in tiresome long lines at the post office.  No sending email to your online printer trying to make sure they sent the 2nd, 3rd or 4th mailing for you. This is a thing of beauty! Just point 'n click and you KNOW those postcards are heading out as soon as the next morning.

Oh and did I mention that they're printed at the closest destination to the customers address? So you won't have postcards being printed in California and being mailed to Florida. This means they arrive QUICKLY and work perfectly for special deadline promotions and so forth.

Benefit Three:

Point-and-click list building methods that are FREE and will let you target your potential customers with laser like precision.

I have discovered 4 amazing list-building tools and procedures.  I don't use the word "amazing" lightly either.  But I'm going to reveal what I call point-and-click list building.  You can assemble highly targeted, laser pinpointed lists complete with names and addresses -- FREE!  Once you buy a reasonably priced software program. 

It puts my names and addresses right into Excel, Goldmine, Act or other programs for me.  To drop these people into my mailing sequence, I just upload the list.  It's really simple.  And amazing if I might say so myself.

One remarkable thing to note is, even if all you've got is a list of customer email addresses, my system will show you how to take that list and automatically turn that into a FULL BLOWN mailing list complete with the customers name, address, city, state, zip and country!

In the "old days" when you built a list all you really ever asked for was the customers email address, or maybe that and their name and that means you're never able to send a single piece of direct mail to them. Until now!

Benefit Four:

Highly targeted.  No spray-and-pray direct mail here that will bankrupt you. The key is combining it with your Internet marketing.

Direct mail is indeed an expensive game if you do the TRADITIONAL method.  You pay $500-$1000 bucks just to rent the darned names you're going to mail to. Then you got .37 each postage.  Then you need to pay for addressing and that may or may not include personalization.  And the cost of the printing which can really add up. 

In short, in the traditional method, you gotta have some pretty deep pockets just to try out and test a list that probably won't even break even!

Forget all that.

If you're loaded, great.  Go do it. Make a fortune. And donate 10% to charity. But most of us aren't in the mood to gamble away $10,000 to $20,000 doing test mailings that probably won't break even.

For us -- there is highly targeted mailing with no minimums and FREE list building.  That's what I'll show you how to put together. 

For example, you can send 100 PERSONALIZED postcards to your list with a first class stamp on it for $27. or $28.

The list building is CRUCIAL to my system.  Because what good is mailing if you don't have anybody to mail to. 

Benefit Five:

Minimum quantities of ONE!  Don't worry about needing to print 1,000 or 5,000.  You can print and mail just ONE OR TWO if you want to. 

The reason I emphasize the minimum quantity of one so much is that it allows you to do what's called DRIP MARKETING where you drip letters and postcards on your buyers and prospects.

Actually, there are 4 drip databases you need to assemble and use.  I'll walk you through it all step-by-step.


Benefit Six:

No licking stamps, stuffing envelopes, running to the printer, or paying outrageous printing bills that suck up profits like a milk shake in the hands of a 10-year-old.  It's all done for you. 

You upload your letter or postcard, upload your list and BOOM!  It all happens for you.

Once the list has been uploaded I just want to make sure you realize, you only have to do that once.

If you want to send a sequence of postcards to the same list, or letters, booklets, whatever it is you want to mail, just select the list from within the system and click on the direct mail piece you want to send. It goes out automatically. So there's no repeat uploading of lists and direct mail pieces.

I remember the old days with my good friend Jonathan Mizel.  That was back when he was selling Marketing Firepower by direct mail.  I'd go over to his house when I was in Boulder to speak at his seminar. He'd have these 6 x 9 envelopes spread all over the place and piled up in boxes. 

He had to go to the printer.  Get the stuff printed.  Stamp it. Stuff it.  What a nightmare.  My system of direct mail eliminates that.  Forget about it!  Upload your list. Upload your letter or postcard.


Forget about.  Go screw off for the afternoon. It's all taken care of for far less than you could do it yourself.

Benefit Seven:

I KNOW party crashers are going to hop into the forums, toss out a link or two and delight thinking they've rained on my parade and made themselves look like geniuses.  That plane won't fly, cause there are three web sites, four software programs, 4 distinct and different database systems and special templates that make up my Direct Mail Success System.  (This is no one-trick pony.)

I'll tell you more about these as we go on.  What I hate is that people like to try to rain on your parade.  You know what I mean?  They don't value information or the unbelievable amount of time and energy I expended to research all this data and information. So they'll pop in a forum and basically give away your information for free so other people will comment on how smart they are.

"Hey, let's play show up the guru!"

Well, I do understand the game.  But in this case, the plane doesn't fly. Why?  Because just my mailing source alone is only a fraction of my total system.  You've got to have my database builders, the web sites, the software programs and the database systems.  Not to mention the templates.

The list building and database systems are crucial. Because what good is getting a mailing out if you have no freakin' clue what your STRATEGY is.  Random mailings aren't going to hack it in today's environment.


Please continue reading to discover all the hidden benefits in the Direct Mail Success System Course...

Let me break this puppy down for you and show you what you'll get in the New Wave Direct Mail Success System:

* How to quickly, simply and easily build a mailing list of the 200 people most likely to send your sales through the roof, complete with addresses double-checked against the National Change Of Address Database (NCOA). 

* The killer service I discovered that automatically captures names and addresses for 70% of your inbound phone calls.  Drop these addresses into your database follow-up system in a flash.  Within several days, they'll have their first postcard or letter waiting for them in their mail box.

* How to get names and addresses for your EMAIL DATABASE.  You should convert 20% - 30% of your email database into a mailing database based on my research. This is simple as pie to do.  It's one of the really cool software programs I've discovered.  (Of course, you do have to buy this software separate from the course.)

Even if ALL YOU HAVE is a list of email addresses, I'll show you how to turn that into a full blown mailing list, complete with the customers full name, CURRENT address, city, state and zip.

* What the four primary software programs I've discovered are, how much they COST and how they work

* How to drop people into one of four separate database follow up systems with only 2 clicks

* How to make your direct mail postcards (large and small), booklets and letter go out automatically -- for up to 30 days worth of mailings at a time!

* How to install the 8 week BONDING BLITZ that locks in loyalty from your new customers

* You get my "Plug 'n Go" Pre-Made template postcards for your 8 week blitz.  They're ready to upload to the automated mailing service.

* Should you use 1-sided or 2-sided postcards? What works best? Be prepared to find out!

* How to merge in names to the headlines on your postcards and letters.  No impersonal junk mail here.  You make your response ZOOM when you put THEIR name right in the headline of the postcard, booklet or letter.

Of course you can personalize the direct mail piece more than once by putting the recipients name in the body of the message as well as the headline and so forth.

* The amazing software program that will suck names and addresses of targeted prospects off the web for you.  These are the same names and addresses you'd normally pay $80 to $100 for.  In 1-2 hours you can have a targeted list, ready to mail.  AND NO FEAR OF GETTING SPAM COMPLAINTS!

* Flawless formatting of your lists: How to take your list of customers and prospect addresses and get them formatted flawlessly, perfectly with updated information -- dirt cheap.

* When do you send a postcard?  When do you send a letter? What works best and when?

* The amazing 2-page direct mail letter that will get people to visit your web site.  Blast these out to highly targeted lists and watch the hits roll in.

*  How to get your postcards and letters sent to BUYERS of products and services like yours.  PPC traffic is great. But they are NOT buyers.  And sometimes you're still paying 40 and 50 cents a click!  I can blast out a postcard to them for $0.27 each!  Anyone who says direct mail can't be cost effective is full of it and has a hidden agenda to convince you NOT to use it. 

* Get actual EXAMPLES of my letters and postcards.  And get pre-done PLUG N GO TEMPLATES you can use for your own mailings so you don't have to tear your hair out trying to figure out where to get the templates and how to use them.

* How to contact potential affiliates and associates without losing sleep because they might accuse you of spam and cause you to lose your web site hosting overnight.  (It sucks when you wake up, type in www and you get an error message cause your web host shut you down.)

* The phenomenal software program I discovered that allows you to pre-program sequences of direct mail, letters, postcards, calls and follow ups.  These sequences can be assigned to different assistants for auto-pilot operation.  This is NOT a program used within the Internet marketing industry.  I've gone outside our industry and rigged something else to work like a champ!

* How to take a database that's a wreck and whip it up into full-blown, combat-ready status for only pennies per name.

* You can quickly and easily start selling a monthly subscription to your printed newsletter using this automated mailing system. If you've NEVER written a printed newsletter because printing and mailing it was to big a hassle or too expensive, I'm going to liberate you to become a newsletter publishing machine because I'll show you how to get published in style without ever licking a stamp or stuffing an envelope.

* How and why to cultivate a "top-of-consciousness" database

* What the "movers 'n shakers" database is. How to compile one of your own and use it!

* How to use postcards to simply and easily get referrals.

* Should you use a #10 envelope or 9 x 12?

* What about using a laser printer to print your postcards?  Does it work?  Is it cost effective?  Should you do it?

* Where to get more postcard ideas than you'll likely ever be able to use

* How to put out a $0.27 postcard mini-newsletter!

* And so much more...

Frequently Asked Questions About the New Wave Direct Mail Success System:

Questions:  Marlon, what's the biggest benefit of using your highly targeted direct mail system?

Answer:  You break through the noise and clutter of direct mail. And you have an operating plan B in place in case all heck breaks loose from the new laws governing email marketing.  And you have protection against future laws that are likely to be passed.  Don't let a change in laws bankrupt you, wreck your business or put you out of business.

Question:  What's the difference between your system and traditional direct mail?

Answer:  My New Wave Direct Mail Success System is highly targeted.  I don't use spray-and-pray direct mail. There's nothing wrong with it if you have deep pockets.  But my system is designed to be highly targeted and therefore affordable for virtually anyone who can afford a few pieces of software and who can afford a minimum charge of a buck.

Question:  Can your Direct Mail Profits System help me get people to my web site?

Answer:  You obtain or compile highly targeted lists and mail a 2-page letter or a postcard that drive people to your web site.  I give you samples.  But understand that by doing this, you're falling more in the hit-or-miss, spray-and-pray category. 

The best direct mail is laser targeted.  Don't worry.  I'll lay out the whole system for you.

Question:  What do you mean by breaking through the noise and clutter of the marketplace?

Answer:  Everyone is so inundated with spam that your emails to your own customers get filtered out by ISP's or end up getting trapped by some spam filter. And yeah, you can run the spam check in advance.  But it doesn't matter.  If your email is in their email box along with 200 from that morning's mail, it'll probably get lost in the shuffle.

Question:  Do you still believe in Internet marketing.

Answer:  You bet your bippy.  My New Wave Direct Mail Success System combines direct mail WITH Internet marketing.  And I still believe 100% in email.  But with the noise and clutter AND the new laws, I think you have to protect your back side by incorporating direct mail.

Question: Marlon, how come you launching this with email instead of direct mail?

Answer:  In this particular case, because this is a limited time only offer (72 hours) there isn't time to send out a direct mail piece offering the kit, but I have in the past through newsletters and postcards.

One of the tricks of direct mail is knowing when to use it, how to use it and what to use it for. And in this case with a 72 hour only offer, there isn't enough time. The reason you didn't see me using direct mail prior to launching this product is that I didn't want to reveal my systems to my competitors and give them a chance to knock it off before I even had a chance to launch this as a home study course.

Even though, truthfully, there are a number of layers to the system so they couldn't really copy it, they could give the appearance of doing so. And the end user probably wouldn't see the difference on the surface.

But in the last six months or so, I've been sending Direct Mail to many of my customers and continue to send it out every week.

Right now I'm sending postcards (large and small), 32 page sales letters, printed newsletters and actual magazines using Direct Mail. And no matter what type of direct mail piece I'm sending, I can get it out in less than 2 minutes.

Question:  Will I make substantial profits?  Will I earn money from this?

Answer:  No. No. No.  It ain't legal for me to do so.  And in fact, you could go to jail or be subject to massive fines for doing so.  So obviously I don't do it.  I make no claims or representations that you will make or earn any profits at all, not to mention substantial profits. I don't imply, state or hint that you will make money from this system.  I do claim to show you how to quickly, simply and easily send out highly targeted direct mail and how to assemble and create your own highly targeted direct mail lists.

Question:  Marlon, is the cost of the services and software included?

Answer:  No.  You have to pay for the postage and printing.  And there are 4 software programs I use for the database building.  You have to buy those IF you want to use all 4 of them. But they're not all required. It depends on you and your direct mail goals.  There are free trials available though.  And you don't have to buy all 4 programs all at once.  To get all 4 will set you buck under $500 but you can start with just 1. And if you already have your own mailing list (customer addresses to send Direct Mail to) then you can start off mailing that using the automated system and pay only for postage and printing, which can be very inexpensive.

Like I said earlier on, I'll show you how to send out 100 postcards, fully personalized with a first class stamp on them for $27.

That makes it affordable for everyone to get started. And if you have a list of customer addresses right now, you can have your first direct mail piece out within minutes of getting my system in your hands!


Kick Back and Relax From the Comfort Of Your Own Home As I Pour Out Secret After Secret During the Private Seminars

You'll attend my private seminar from the comfort of your home.  Just insert the Audio CD of the Direct Mail System conference recordings, kick back, relax and listen in as the ideas flow. As you go through the Audio CD's you will be given access to the Plug 'N Go Templates and ALL course material you need to get your Direct Mail system in place.

What you receive are 14 Audio CD's with the Direct Mail Success System sessions #1 to #6. You can listen to these audio CD's anywhere, anytime. They are recordings of the 6 live weekly conferences I held with members of the first study group.

You also get access to the COMPLETE direct mail system which contains STEP BY STEP "exactly what to do and how to do it" instructions for you to follow as you listen to the audios.

Your mind will spin when you see all the new ways you can make profits.  It's much more than just breaking through the email clutter.  You add whole entire new ways to potentially make profits in your business.  These are secrets I have never revealed anywhere else before at any time.

Week One: The 4 Highly Targeted Databases That Will Forever Change The Way You Sell Your Products and Services

* What these four databases are

* Examples of how to uses them in different databases

* The one database of 200 names you MUST assemble, how, why and what it will do for you that will get you so excited you won't be able to sleep

* The second database that will put a giant grin on your face when you hear about it

Week Two: Where To Go To Quickly And Easily Grab The Names and Addresses for Your Four Databases Using My "Point 'n Click" System:

* The one web site to go to that will instantly give you highly targeted names and addresses -- for FREE!

* The amazing software program I discovered that will suck up the names and addresses, and stick them in Act, Goldmine, Outlook or Excel for you -- in one or two clicks, easy as pie.  (The cost of this software is not included in your program and works on PC's, not Macs unless you have a Mac that will run PC software.)

* How to suck the names and addresses out of your order confirmations in your email box and instantly suck them into Act, Goldmine, Outlook or Excel

* How to build your database automatically off your inbound phone calls AND by adding a "hotline" number to all your advertising online and offline.  This is pure gold to you -- and hardly anyone even the insiders

* The phenomenal program that will GET YOU names and addresses for many of the people on your email list on an automated basis. This is a real shocker when you see it.  And it's ever so simple to use.  In fact, it's fun to watch it happen!

Week Three: Plug-n-Go Templates You Can Steal and Send to Your Four Databases To Make You Maximum Money in Minimum Time

* Actual postcard templates you can steal and use. These are in Microsoft Word format.

* The absolute best things to write on postcards to get referrals, orders, and leads

* How to avoid common mistakes

* Templates for the 8-week super blitz, what it is and how it will "lock on" your customers to you

Week Four: How to Get Your Postcards, Letters, Newsletters and Catalogs Printed, Addressed and Mailed Cheaply and on Auto-Pilot. You'll Save a Veritable Fortune on Printing and Mailing And Take All the Pain Out of Doing Direct Mail!

* Why you should NOT use a printer at home to print and mail your postcards except for ONE scenario.

* The one web site you should use to get your stuff printed, addressed and mailed at rock bottom prices with great consistency, ease and reliability.  This takes the pain out of doing direct mail and makes it fast, simple, easy and fun.

* Secrets of using the auto pilot feature to load up sequences of direct mail sort like you do emails in an auto responder.

Week Five: Review of All the Bullets Mentioned in this Sales Letter

* I will walk through and discuss every bullet point in this sales letter so you know you get exactly what I promised.

* There will also be time for your questions.  You got a question?  You'll have the chance to ask me here.

Week Six: Critiques of Direct Mail Postcards

* Create your postcards, submit them to me and I'll do critiques on week six.

* Get feedback on what you did right or wrong.

* Receive my ideas on how to pack even more selling power in your postcards.

* Your Quick Start Action Plan to make sure you get up and running with your four databases as quickly and easily as humanly possible.

The Special $897.00 $599.00 Price Is Only
Available For a Limited Time!

This course has been offered in the past at $897, but if you're a member of my Gold or Silver Milcers Club or you own any of the products in the list below then the price is $599.00

If you own any of these products, your price is $599:

The Milcers Club, The Amazing Formula, Push Button Letters, Gimme My Money Now, Create Your Own Products, The Action Grid, 12 Week System, Ad Copy Secrets, Speed Publicity, Web Operations Manual, Web Site Power System or the Ultimate Beginners Guide then YOUR price is $599.00.

The regular price of the course is $897 so you'll be saving $298 off the price if you order right away but you've got to hurry if you want to grab the special savings. I may withdraw the offer at anytime, without notice.

Grab Your 16 CD-ROM Direct Mail Success System Today And You'll Receive All This:

In addition to the 15 Audio CD's with step by step instruction that walk you through every aspect of the Direct Mail System, if you order before midnight tonight, I guarantee you'll also receive:

Bonus One: Transcripts of the six teleconferences.

You get 6 DIGITAL PDF transcripts of the teleconferences that you can print out and conveniently read anywhere you like.

Bonus Two: A CD of PLUG-N-GO Microsoft Word templates you can use for "instant direct mail".

Now you can send out "instant direct mail" anytime you want. Just grab one of the 4x6 or 5x8 postcard templates, one of the 8.5 x 11 inch "direct mail sales letter" templates OR the handwritten, personalized letter and envelope templates from the Plug-N-Go template CD and fill in the blanks.

You get a virtual goldmine of plug-n-go templates at your fingertips, all 100% perfectly formatted to upload, click 'n send to your list.

Bonus Three:  DVD recording of my turbo-charged speech at Yanik's Birthday Bash.

I was on fire, over-the-top, cranked up and turned on.  Sit back and enjoy the show as you see actual examples of emails I've sent out and how much they made.  You're bound to get some killer ideas from this high-energy presentation.  After the speech one person told me their life would never be the same.  Many others told me I made a definite impact on them, their marketing and their life.  I have to believe you're going to get a LOT out of this video.  And you don't have to pay the plane ticket as 20 or 30 others did who told me they flew in JUST to hear me speak.  You get to watch it while you sit at your couch and enjoy the non-stop information, inspiration and motivation. But warning, hold on to your seat 'cause I was really cranked up.

I Can Only Guarantee the $897. $599. Price And Bonuses For 72 Hours

To lock in your discount and save $298 off the price then you've got to grab your kit within the next 72 hours. Remember, you also receive the PDF transcripts of the conference calls, the Plug 'N Go template CD AND the bonus DVD seminar.


That's $298 LESS than the regular price, PLUS you'll receive the digital PDF transcripts, bonus DVD Video Seminar AND the Plug 'N Go template CD. But to get the special price and bonuses, you've got to act quickly.

Click here to grab your Kit, SAVE $298 OFF the Price
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I Guarantee You WILL Benefit From This Course and to Show You How Sure I am, I'm Ready To Put My Money Where My Mouth Is!

Listen to the first session of the course on Audio CD and go through the material and if you don't wholeheartedly agree 100% that it will be worth every penny you spent just let me know and I'll refund every single dime you paid for the course
-- no questions asked!

Here's How To Grab Your "New Wave Direct Mail Success System" Right Now!

To lock in your discount and save $298 off the price then you've got to grab your kit within the next 72 hours.

Remember, you also receive the PDF transcripts of the conference calls, the Plug 'N Go template CD AND the bonus DVD seminar.

Click here to grab your Kit, SAVE $298 OFF the Price
And Claim the EXTRA Bonuses

Best Wishes,
Marlon Sanders

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